Doggie Julian was the long time basketball coach at Dartmouth college. Here is a true story told to me by Bill Smith, a dean at Dartmouth and the head of the department of Psychology .

When Bill was a graduate student at Princeton, he augmented his income by being a timekeeper at the basket ball games. Bill was from Zanesville Ohio, one of 9 brothers, no sisters, and only one set of twins, Clyde and Claude. His brothers either went to college and became teachers or went to Cleveland and worked at the Sherwin Williams paint company.

One evening while Bill was closely watching the final minutes of a very close Dartmouth vs Princeton basketball game, the clock ran down to the last seconds and as Dartmouth threw up a last chance to win the game, Bill pressed the buzzer as time had run out.

Doggie Julian went ballistic and ran to the table and started screaming at Bill, complaining that the last shot should have scored. While Doggie got red faced and screaming Bill calmly poked him in the nose, not a hard shot but clearly expressing Bill’s discontent with Doggie’s behavior.

Now fast forward probably ten years, Bill became a professor at Dartmouth. Every time Doggie saw Bill on the campus, he looked at him and said “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Bill said “I think you must be mistaken.” True story, I tried to look up the actual game, probably in the late 1950s, to see what the score was and how it was reported but so far haven’t been able to, maybe one of my readers will do the proper research.

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