Last year we bought split rail fences from a guy up near Amsterdam NY. They were expensive but all locust and ready for installation. Dig the holes place the posts and fit the rails. We left a cut in the fence because it gave us and our neighbors access to each other. We then built a short fence of stones and rails, the way it used to be done before the chainsaw was invented. This was the fence in progress.

This year we went even more primitive, cutting locusts from the property here and fitting the fence by hand. This valley is filled with locust trees. They grow like weeds, fast and strong. Out at the beach if you use a locust post for a dock, it never seems to rot. Leave it 50 years and you still can’t drive a nail into it.

The cows will be coming soon from over at Tom’s farm in Millbrook for the summer. The grass is starting to grow and the new fence will be finished.

You may not like it, too rough and uneven but it will last forever and with barbed wire on the inside, the cows won’t mess with it, with one exception…if there isn’t enough water for the cows, pump down or whatever, the cows will break through anything to get to the nearest pond. Don’t ask, we found out the hard way.

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