Tara is a beautiful bitch. She arrived from Ireland last fall and his had one unsuccessful relationship with a fine dog from Colorado but nothing happened until she met Ridley a real stud, at least we are hoping so.

We are about two weeks into her possible pregnancy and while I’m anxious to have her tested, our vet Barbara Clayton is the best. She said, “She’s either pregnant or not, why test her, you’ll find out soon enough, by five weeks she should be showing and in 8 weeks you’ll have pups.”

There are a bunch of dog terms for breeding. Tara and Ridley tied up three times, she was flagging and standing and hopefully she will be in pup. No need to explain details, you get the idea.

Ridley is eight years old and a proven stud, in fact Kevin his owner and a terrific dog breeder, trainer and active trial competitor will not charge me a fee if Tara doesn’t produce pups.

So stay tuned. Tilly the first dog we imported from Ireland was the best we’ve ever had. Her one litter produced 10 pups and her daughter Bee had eight, the last of which named Chevy was born in the back of the pickup while driving Bee home from the vets. Chevy’s still going strong at 9 and lives down in Clove Valley at Tom and Tina’s place.

Ridley listening for orders:

Tara not moving which is very rare, admittedly she needs a little hair gel.

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