If you ever travel to the Albany area, you must consider a stop at Duncan’s Dairy Bar. It is actually on route 7 in Brunswick NY not far from the Vermont border, It’s like Karen’s Diner in Pawling and the Red Rooster in Brewste, on steroids. The portions are embarrassingly large, quality outstanding, prices reasonable, and the menu is inventive. As an example one of the featured dishes is two fried eggs, bacon and cheese on two silver dollar pancakes.

We went there last Sunday morning, it was crowded but the service was fast. I’m not yet used to the Albany area as #2 son has recently moved there, but this was a real find. Baseball caps not required but they will make you feel more comfortable. A few extra pounds on the belly will also make you feel right at home.

Writing this review reminds me of a wonderful evening we spent with our friend George from Pittsfield Massachusetts. We visited a restaurant about which he had written a glowing report in the Berkshire Times, The owner greeted us effusively and thanked George for the review. George had to sheepishly admit to us that it was actually the first time he had been in the restaurant.

I admit that the pictures are slightly disgusting but believe me it’s worth every pleasurable minute.

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