We’ve been living in Clove Valley for four months, only leaving once. May 23 we got 3 inches of snow and temperatures in the mid 20s. The peach and pear trees were frozen and will produce almost no fruit. The apples faired a little better but will also produce a small crop.

We spend a lot of time outside and are now beginning to see other neighbors either on walks or on outside visits.

Our town has done reasonably well with about 1% infection rate. Washington our neighboring township has only a handful of cases.

One of the remarkable situations during this period is the real estate market which seems to be booming. Many families are either buying a second home as protection or moving up to the Hudson Valley full time.

Which brings me to my opinion about NYC. Here are some of the reasons which I saw recently in a news article about why it is game over in NYC.

1- Taxes will be going up to cover the enormous financial shortfall

2- Real estate prices will crater, office rents will go down 40%.

3- 1/3 of all NYC hotels will go bankrupt

4- Police and Fire services will be slashed.

The author of the article said “This time is different.”

When NYC has been written off before time proved otherwise and will again. The City is in for rough sledding for some time, not sure how long, but it will survive and even thrive eventually.

George M Cohan the song writer said “When you leave NY you’re camping out.”

Another expression I once heard about New York but I havent been able to find out where it came from: A flute in New York is worth a band in Butte.

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