I’m not very careful about what I eat, yes not too much red meat, not too much fried foods, plenty of fish, you get the idea.

But i saw an article recently linked below that coffee is good for you and may reduce death. Now that doesnt mean it will eliminate death but may not bring it on early and may in fact delay it.

I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago and usually drink tea but recently I have started to have a cup of coffee from time to time. When I go to Babette’s in Millbrook I sometimes ask for a small coffee with the croissant (which I am sure is bad for you) but now here is one for those who are careful students of diet and what to put in your mouth, Olive oil!

We have a neighbor who was horrified that I was using corn oil to cook in. Of course I don’t cook that much but I listened. She told me avocado oil or what I thought was olive oil was good for you. But when I saw her she said regular olive oil wasn’t good for you only extra virgin.

Enough of this stuff, a good cup of coffee and God Forbid, an old fashioned donut from Dunkin Donuts, might kill you but it does taste just fine.

coffee and death

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