It looks like we will have the biggest apple and peach crop in memory. The trees are loaded. Now here’s something strange. We lost both bee colonies and in spite of virtually no honey bees the trees somehow got pollinated and look very strong. There was a lot of Spring rain but no very cold weather and when the blossoms were out there were some very windy days. I suspect that had something to do with it.

The bees died in spite of having a lot of over winter honey and in fact there is still quite a bit of honey in the frames. I am getting new bees this week so will start again but after almost 40 years of beekeeping I may pack it in if these bees dont make it next winter.

It don’t think it is colony collapse as that seems to affect the migratory bees. It is probably varroa mites which this past year were very invasive and the drought may have weakened the bees. Anyway if I get honey this year I will bring it over to Dover Plains and have another beekeeper extract it, too much work and too much mess.

apples spring 2017

peaches 2017

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