I think I may be losing it. Over the years when a vacuum cleaner breaks, I dont buy a new one, I put the broken one away and try to fix another one. Result: I have four Electrolux vacuum cleaners, the cannister type and except one have some issue. The one exception is the 1952 Model that I had fixed at a great store over in Fishkill a while ago. It runs like a Swiss watch. There aren’t a lot of places left that fix vacuum cleaners but the Vac Shop behind the All Sports parking lot still does the necessary.

Here is the oldie, an antique that works well.

vacuum 52

I’ll be heading over there later this week to see if he has a replacement wheel for the vacuum that came from Trenton NJ in the early 80s.

Here are two more from the collection.

vacuums 2.jpg

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