I had my annual physical, which I have every few years. My doctor is wonderful and believes in the Do No Harm theory. I had been taking Nexium as a stomach smoother but he confirmed what a neighbor had told me that Nexium used long term may cause harm, not clear how bad, or what harm. Anyway I got off it a few days ago and my stomach hurts.

My neighbor who knows about alternative medicines, or supplements as they are called, sent me a whole box of pills for the stomach. The ingredients are all natural and I took one this evening so stay tuned. And while you are waiting to hear results listen to Steve Martin’s essay on side effects.

A few years ago I was invited to read an essay of my choice at a party. Someone read the poems of some one I have forgotten, maybe Khilil Gabron, and when it was my turn I tried to read the below. I cracked up after one minute!

Side Effects


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