Last week two Poughkeepsie sons made the bigtime, both with ignominious accomplishments.

Carter Page who graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes High School, was caught on national television lying about having met with the Russian ambassador during the convention in Cleveland. I watched him on national television being interviewed by Chris Hayes. When caught, he said he had only met him in Cleveland!

President Trump was quoted as saying, “I can’t stand seeing Carter Page on Television.”

The second person who made headlines was much worse, Juan Thompson.

” A federal judge has charged a St. Louis man with making bomb threats against Jewish organizations across the country as part of his efforts to harass his ex-girlfriend. Juan Thompson, 31, is charged with cyberstalking. Prosecutors say he tried to intimidate a woman by threatening JCCs across the country.”

The good news, if there is any, Thompson went to Vassar for three years but didn’t graduate. Also he may not have been from Poughkeepsie originally.

On the good side we still have FDR and Samuel Morse!

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