I am frank to admit I have virually no cooking skills in the kitchen (or in fact anywhere). I had two frozen wild ducks which I decided to try cooking. My mother had an old Fanny Farmer Cook Book which I used. It seemed at first that everything was above my skill set but one recipe caught my eye.

It was the way a hunter had cooked wild ducks for 30 years and was so simple even I could do it. Basically clean the duck but them on a rack in the oven and roast for 25-30 minutes, serve with wild rice and current jelly and that it. It did say that squeezed lemon could also be added when the ducks were finished, so I did that also.

Well as you can see below it worked fine. I even got to use my renovated cast iron skillet. The only problem was that wild ducks dont have a lot of meat on them and what they do have is hard to cut out….so I ate both ducks.

A neighbor who knows a lot more than I do told me that wild rice is not rice. I looked it up and it is some kind of grass that grows in shallow lakes mostly in the Midwest.

Here is the Wikipedia info:

Native Americans and others harvest wild rice by canoeing into a stand of plants, and bending the ripe grain heads with wooden sticks called knockers, so as to thresh the seeds into the canoe.

The size of the knockers, as well as other details, are prescribed in state and tribal law. By Minnesota statute, knockers must be at most 1 in (2.5 cm) diameter, 30 in (76 cm) long, and 1 lb (450 g) weight.


There’s an old joke about don’t give up your day job, which surely applies to me.

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