Every day or two I empty my pockets and put the coins in a plastic bag. When I have enough I take them to TD Bank where they have a machine that counts them. You have to have an account at the bank which I opened for the express purpose of solving the loose coin problem.

Last week when I lugged my bag of coins to the bank the machine was gone. I was informed that there had been a lawsuit claiming a miscounting on the part of the bank. They said if I want to take wrappers I could put the coins in them and they would accept them. I didnt ask for wrappers, I went to the internet and found the below:

wrapping coins

I think it would take me about four days to do all of this so I am stumped for now. Someone told me there is a device that will put the coins in the wrappers but all I could find for $55 was the following:

coin counter

If my labor was worth only a dollar an hour and I have to pay $55 for the device……you get the problem. Any ideas will be considered.

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