This may be the first political opinion piece I have posted. Hopefully it will be taken as an effort to pray for our country and for the best in the coming four years.

The most devisive election in the country’s history is behind us this morning. There is no way to even guess the direction the country will go with our new President, as he himself has little idea. I do predict, a wall will not be built, 11 million people will not be sent back, Hillary will not be prosecuted, Obamacare will not be repealed but improved (as 10 Million people would immediately lose their insurance), 11 women will not be sued and The Nafta treaty will not be scrapped. If I am right on most of these we will survive. In fact we will survive in any event and as over 250 years of ebb and flow have proved, we are stronger than any one person, E Pluribus Unum.

I did however come upon an editorial in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago that outlined what are no longer the principles of the present Republican Party but were among the standands upon which Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan built their popularity. What is surprising is how even handed it seems today and would be a good formula for our country going forward regardless of the party in power.

I saved the article to print the day after the election without of course knowing who the winner would be.

“They favor free trade, immigration reform, and well-targeted public investment. They are broadly internationalist and mostly support the treaties and institutions through which the United States exercises global influence.

They believe in climate change and can live with reasonable measures to abate it. They want corporate tax reform.  They would like individual tax reform but already can use the current code to minimize their effective tax rate. They believe in “entitlement reform” but would accept revenue increases along with it—the ever-elusive “grand bargain” at the heart of blue-ribbon commissions.”

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