Kaine embraces the Butter Cow
On a campaign tour, Kaine threw himself fully into the Iowa State Fair experience.

DES MOINES, Iowa—Not even a veteran politician like Tim Kaine can resist the pull of the Butter Cow.
On a campaign jaunt through the Hawkeye State Wednesday, Kaine made an impromptu stop at the Iowa State Fair, taking in the sights, smells (good and bad) and tastes that the annual agriculture exhibition has to offer.

Joined briefly by Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Patty Judge and then Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Kaine’s first stop was a sacrosanct trek to pay homage to the famous cow, a 600-pound life-size bovine frame of metal and mesh that’s slathered in layers of butter.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee also stopped to pose in front of a butter mold of the Starship Enterprise, offering up one of his classic cheesy dad jokes: “This campaign has been a journey,” he said, riffing on the Star Trek opening monologue as he shook hands and took pictures with the fair’s visitors.

Kaine made a stop by the Iowa pork tent — at one point hoisting his pork chop on a stick high into the air — and talked briefly to reporters. But he again dodged a question about the impact of the major shakeup in Trump’s campaign staff.


Tim Kaine’s Southern night: Barbecue, beer and bluegrass on the harmonica

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine went all in during his North Carolina visit Monday night, busting out his harmonica for an impromptu jam session with a local bluegrass band.
Kaine played two well-known bluegrass songs — “Wagon Wheel” and “My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains” — as the crowd cheered him on at Catawba Brewery, even singing and dancing at times, while his wife, Anne Holton, clogged to the side of the stage.
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The impromptu concert capped off a night of Southern fun for Kaine and his wife that included a barbecue dinner with beers and banana pudding at Buxton Hall Barbecue.
Kaine also ordered a post-harmonica beer, picking White Zombie, a local wheat beer, and giving a $5 tip, according to the bartender.


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