We had an automobile accident at the traffic circle in Clove Valley, no one hurt but rather than exchange information I agreed to email the young woman who was the other participant. We agreed to exchange information by email. She received the email because she said my name. She didn’t want to report the accident and other than a sore hand, I’m fine. Well no response to my email, which I interpret as either she was texting, didn’t have a license, it was suspended or some other reason. My car is at Joe Que’s Auto Body in Poughkeepsie where quite a bit of work will have to be done. Macario, a friend who works at Joe Que’s and is a magician with auto body work took about 4 minutes to pull the bumper off the wheel and my car may not look pretty but it runs well. Here is what the barter was for his work, a good deal all around…. except for three roosters.
macario chickens