In March Brian Williams was sent to the woodshed amid controversy about his conflating ( a wonderful new word for just such an act) the details in about 10 or 12 of the stories he covered over the years.

I found the below paragraph about his popularity.

‘In February, Mr. Williams ranked as the 23rd-most-trusted person in the country, on par with Denzel Washington, Warren E. Buffett and Robin Roberts. By May, his trust ranking had plummeted to 3,352, near the rapper Eminem and the Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner, according to the Marketing Arm, a research firm whose celebrity index is closely watched by media and marketing executives.”

Today NBC announced that he was being brought back from the woodshed but in an unannounced and diminished role at NBC or perhaps MSNBC.

I have an idea for a perfect program for him. There was a show in the 1950s called Person to Person with the great Edward R. Morrow going into famous peoples homes and interviewing them. I don’t know why the show or the idea of the show hasn’t ever been revived but I suggest it to the Poobahs at NBC, if any read this blog, probably a very conflated possibility.