For years we have talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail which passes about 5 miles from the farm and goes around yes, Nuclear Lake (see link below) and then on to Wingdale, New York and into Connecticut.
Friday was the day, clear and cool, no snow on the ground and so we set our watches at 10:30 for what was supposed to be about an hour hike. Three hours and 9 miles later we somehow found our way back to route 55 after apparently following the wrong trails which were clearly marked with white painted squares on the trees. Problem, it was the blue squares we were supposed to follow. Compass, matches, hatchet, Swiss army knife, we had none of them. As we kept following the trail the old Winnie the Pooh question came up when we saw two sets of footprints.

Here is a picture of the lake.nuclear lake

The story below is worth reading if for no reason other than the simpson’s cartoon of the three eyed fish.