I’ve got ’em and haven’t written much lately, just don’t feel like it. This may be a relief for my friend Richard, a famous comedian, who lives in Los Angeles and claims to love my blog before his head drops down and he goes to sleep. I wish his comedy had the same affect on me but I have to admit he is a genius (of sorts).

Anyway I do get a lot of contributions most of which I don’t post so I will post a few below. I get two poems a week, one from my older brother and one from a close friend who took early retirement from IBM to become a writer and now a poet. My brother’s tend to be reminiscences of periods long gone. He is ten years older than I am, and Frank’s poems are often very dark and not depressing but sadly realistic. I will post the poems I received this week.

My rival blogger seems to have cooled down also. The last blog had to do with his tick bite and his sunburned hands on his fishing boat because he forgot that you can’t go in the sun when you ore on Doxiciline. He does have a new boat which looks impressive but not to me.

Lauren, who is a friend, and yes invented reality TV!!! has a weekly news blog on woman’s issues which seems to be going from good to better and she is piling up readers by the thousands. Her blog address is lzsundaypaper.com and I recommend it for great and interesting reading on the subject of woman’s issues, tech issues and a whole lot of other subjects. She’s not fooling around.