I received quite a few responses to the Ron Delaney story, a few of them are below. I apparently struck a responsive note. The latest comment not posted is from a reader who while quite a bit younger had not seen Delaney run but who pointed out that Eamonn Coghlan, while not a 1500 Olympic champion was known as the King of the Boards as he was extremely strong running on the indoor wooden tracks. He was a three time Olympian and set many indoor records, among them the mile in I believe 3:50. But as  Casey and I have said, “You could look it up.”

Thanks so much for this! I never heard of Ron Delaney (not being a sports buff!) but know so many of the places and people mentioned, including Robert Briscoe, the first Jewish Mayor of Dublin! What a beautifully written piece…brought tears to my eyes…and nostalgia for all the other cultural events that were innocent and clean. I’m sending it on to my brother as this Sunday is Washington Heights’ “Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K” race that Coogan’s started to raise money for the Armory indoor track in WH. Now one of the best in the country and he’ll love this!


Fabulous.  I could not get interested in Olympics this year for even a nanosecond


Did you know that my grandmother’s maiden name was Delany??????  Dad’s mother.  She died before I was born, but I know she was very proud of her Irish heritage.


I loved the video.


You are so right about the Olympics.To keep attracting an audience, the athletes,like the stunt pilots after World War I, are expected to do more and more daring (figure skating) and dangerous (half-pipe)  things.

The quarter of me that is Irish found this fascinating. I had never heard of the record-breaker, but I still got chills watching him.

That’s very impressive.



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