Apologies to David Letterman and I may not get to 10 but here are a few.

1- There are 23 million people living in Shanghai and it is a combination of some old neighborhoods that have retained what must have been an extraordinary life in the 1920s and 1930s. Restaurants, stores, tree lined streets. One the other hand there are seemingly endless forests of new apartment buildings and of course the Pudong Tower under construction which when finished will be the second tallest building in the world.

2- Food overall was very good and I actually lost weight. I had dinner with a friend and some other people I didn’t know. I must admit I declined, politely I hope, the chicken feet which everyone crunched down on with enthusiasm. There were a few other mystery meats which I ate and enjoyed but decided not to ask their contents. I probably couldn’t have asked anyway as everyone was speaking Chinese!

3- One exemption to the food. the beef is all imported from Australia and it can’t compare to Jason Kadings grass fed angus, just down the road from the farm.

4-Drivers in Shanghai consider it a competition, how many pedestrians you can hit in a day and whether you can average 100MPH going to the airport. The horn is used as a weapon and people are scurrying to get out of the way of cars and motorbikes. One way streets are very tricky to navigate because bikes and scooters don’t seem to obey direction. I didn’t see any body shops but I am sure there is full employment in that craft.

5-Street vendors- there are many areas with street vendors and pricing is an art. If someone asks for 10 dollars you start at 1 dollar and move down from there.

6 – Bullet trains are spectacular. They go at about 150 – 200 mph but you don’t get the feeling of great speed. We in the united States must somehow catch up. In California they have been fighting for years to build a bullet train from San Diego to Los angeles and San Francisco.. I haven’t heard the latest on it but will check it out.

7-Everyone and I mean everyone is on their I phones everywhere. Of course if you go into a restaurant in New York you find all these kids standing at bars and sending texts on their cell phones. What ever happened to clever remarks like “Ever hear of the Beatles?”

8-The Bund is the old waterfront that in colonial times had all the foreign companies and banks. it has been restored and is truly beautiful.

9. No one eats bread, and I for one found it refreshing. Best way in the world to lose weight.

10. there is nothing you can’t buy in China. As an example there is a market for fighting crickets! And the market isn’t small. Guys are hanging out, discussing crickets fighting abilities and matching them up.



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