I met on Saturday with  a local sign painter. His specialty is paint striping and he came over to stripe an old car. Because it was particularly hot he suggested he come back next week and I was fine with that.

Apparently totally unrelated was a modified sign which appears down by the barn house at the bottom of Mack road, an old country dirt road. I had never noticed anyone dumping on the road but the town in its wisdom decided to post a “No Dumping” sign.

There are only a few houses, four to be exact on the road which in total is about three miles long. I never noticed anyone dumping anything other than an occasion beer can but some very talented sign painter  (not the one who came over to the farm) decided to modify the sign to read:


I guess I will call Lisette over in the town office and tell her that someone should come over and remove the sign, but the person who first saw it has already emailed pictures to neighbors and friends. And of course all my readers now have the benefit of someone’s skilled sign painting.

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