One of our readers in Philadelphia, not Montana, sent the below information about saving the native Bison. Whenever I think of the Great Plains and the disappearance of the native buffalo I think of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous line. He wanted to go shoot a buffalo “before they were all gone.” So much for the greatest naturalist of the 20th Century.

More than a century after they disappeared, wild bison once again roam Montana’s Northern Great Plains. On March 19, 2012, more than 60 bison were loaded onto trucks near Yellowstone National Park and driven to Montana’s Fort Peck Reservation for release into the wild. National Wildlife Federation, in partnership with the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes, spent decades working on an agreement with the state of Montana to make this happen. We envisioned a future when Yellowstone bison, the last genetically pure, free-roaming, wild bison population in the U.S., could provide animals to establish new herds across the West. That vision has now been fulfilled.

These photos and the video below capture the welcome home ceremony.

The Round Up


Herding bison bound for release at Fort Peck, MTBison bound for release at Fort Peck, MT are herded together. 


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