I had an old Ford registered in Vermont when I had a residence up there many years ago. I needed a copy of the registration and when I called the DMV in Vermont I got the usual recording about the call being monitored for quality control. But then the message got really hinky. first the Director of Motor Vehicles in Vermont came on for five minutes with a recorded message on how to drive carefully in the Winter. I needn’t remind my readers that today is April 2nd.

But then a new recorded message came on and said, if you are calling about renewing a registration an inmate from the state correctional facility will be on to answer your call. If you prefer talking to an agent please press one now. I didn’t know whether to laugh or think it was a good idea. Of course the inmates probably have a lot of experience stamping out license plates and I thought it would be interesting to speak with a convict but then I had this picture of someone saying, “Please send me a cake with a file in it.”  So I went for the agent. Then I really starting losing it and I thought it would be clever to then say “Press one for a robber.”  or “Press two for a pediphile.” Maybe I am not being open minded about this and I will withstand the criticism from any of my blue state readers.


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