Pyromaniac in Training… For the second time I have had the same  disastrous experience.

First I have to tell my readers that honey chrystalizes when it is left for some time. So when I went down to the basement to get four jars of honey from last fall it was thick. The solution as most of my readers know is to put it in hot water and wait. You mustn’t let the water boil as that will injure the enzymes that preserve the honey. If however you put the fire on the stove and your mind begins to wander and you for instance go upstairs for a while or worse yet go back to your computer and forget about the honey, the honey will boil and then if you wait long enough the honey explodes, turns black, the lids pop off and the whole house stinks of smoke.

I’ve done this not once but twice and the latest was this afternoon. I will be deservedly in the house of the dog until the smoky smell leave through every open window. I simply cannot be allowed to do this again! This time I think I not only lost the honey but the pot may not be salvageable.

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