Ok my car stinks because I bring the dogs in the back after they have been running or have been in the kennel and the back of the SUV gets muddy, so far not so bad. But little Dot apparently thought the back of the car was for other purposes and even though I tried to clean it, it got so bad that a guy in the garage told me I really had to deal with it.

So today I went down to a place on 108th Street in Harlem which does car detailing and they cleaned and shampooed the car for three hours. I needn’t tell you how much it cost but the car smelled better except it had that smell a little like you get when you see that little green Christmas tree hanging from the rear view mirror. The other problem was that they put something on all the surfaces that made it shine and feel slippery. I think it might be Armorall. There was a benefit that when I got in the car the station that the radio was on was playing great Latino music so I preset the station for future use.

But maybe because of the below honey burnout or maybe forgetfulness but as I was walking down 109th Street I passed a Senior Center and there were a few old people going in, I assume for the day. Then a very depressing thought occurred to me that I qualified to be a member.


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