I think both the Democrats and the Republicans want the sequestration to take effect. They can blame each other and it is a 5% cut across the board which doesn’t sound too bad although every one will scream and rant and rave. The right wing can say we are gutting defense and the left can say we are gutting entitlement programs. I believe there is a legitimate criticism that because it is the slash and burn method, it does not take into account priorities and more important does not deal at all with Medicare, Social Security or all of the mandated programs, so the National Institute of Health will lose $1.2 billion while Social Security will not be affected. At least that’s what I think the sequestration does.

OK predication 2- they will leave the sequester in place for a month or two and then come to some compromise . I just don’t have a good attitude about this or about politics or politicians or current events or the Knicks this year, or maybe I just have a bad attitude generally. I’ve gotten more old and crotchety than the writer below who hates Lance Armstrong!

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