The below appeared in George McGovern’s obituary. He was a man of courage, a consummate Second World War hero, and an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War although it left him alone politically until more recent events showed his wisdom foresight and understanding.

He came from Mitchell South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace. Somewhere around I have a postcard of the Corn Palace which originally was a structure made of corn but has in recent years become a tourist destination and an assembly hall for harvest events in South Dakota.

My great Uncle Sam was a liquor salesman after prohibition and during the 30s went every year to Mitchell as apparently there was a good market for his product during the harvest and events at the Corn Palace. He always spoke of his time in Mitchell as being rollicking good fun.

This part of the obituary is worth reading.

A testament to McGovern’s crusade against hunger was in the lobby at the funeral:
a basket brimming with dried food goods that will go to a needy family
A program ditributed at the memorial service had an image of a smiling McGovern in his twilight
and bore a comment Pope John XXII made to McGovern when he was an emissary to Rome
for the John F. Kennedy’s administration.
It read: “When you meet your Maker and he asks ‘Have you fed the hungry, given drink to the thirsty
and cared for the lonely? you can answer ‘Yes'”

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