Peter Wing has a castle he has been working on and living in for as many years as I can remember. He can do anything with his hands from sculpture to masonry to carpentry  and his house is truly amazing, eccentric in the best possible use of the word. It has among other features a river running through it and all sorts of old pieces of farm equipment that he has turned into art. His rooms are filled with everything from manikins to old banjos, but somehow it all fits together.

Here is the story of how the castle grew:

Wing’s Castle is an American marvel. Located 75 miles north of New York City, the castle was the brain child of artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing. Wing was raised on a dairy farm adjacent to where the castle now sits, the Millbrook Winery has become what was once the Wing Farm.

Wing returned from Vietnam in 1969, proposed to Toni Ann and in 1970 the long illustrious love affair of building a castle began. This enigma is still, to this day, 40 years later, under construction…as Toni states, ” it has become a live in art project”.
Along with a love affair of castles came a love of anything old, come for a visit and be memorized by the museum of antique memorabilia and collectibles, everything from military to primitive trinkets.
The house has been featured on extreme homes, HGTV, prime time television, and been the backdrop of many music albums, movies, and fashion shoots. Wings architecture has been compared to that of Antonio Gaudi’, and his life’s work to that of Michelangelo, a true renaissance man. Catch him on the right day and you will see him still out working, or maybe he will even guide you through the house himself. Either way you are sure to be entertained.
Come see for yourself and hear the rest of the story about how the idea of a castle became a home and it was all accomplished using 80% recycled materials!

Once a year he opens up another project which is listed below. It is a hoot for children of all ages, myself included. For those of you who are far away you will not have the opportunity of seeing his incredible handiwork but if you are within driving distance it is worth a trip and look out Boooooooooo!


Frankenstein’s Fortress –Opens for the month of October. Always a favorite with young and old alike, take a tour through the ‘rooms’ of a haunted house created by the wildly imaginative Peter Wing. Be terrified by the frightening cast of volunteers both children and adults. Not to be missed and it is different every year depending on what Wing has thought up over the course of the preceeding 12 months. 86 Creamery Road, Stanfordville, NY.

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